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I had Cancer of tongue after received 40 radiation my tongue was just like burnt out, Full yellow dirty- no taste in mouth, i unable to eat anything, infact lost my hunger, no salivation in mouth. Life was more hell for me- i feel i would die because of cancer but can not tolerate this suffering. my weight was lost, and i was become short tempered.

I started taking Dr Lendwes Homeopathic medicine since 1 yr and gradually i feel my color of tongue changed from dark yellow to white then to pink. my taste sensation has restore from sweet to even i recognise spicy taste sensation now.
Most importantly i note my short temperdness and extreme irritability has reduced much than before.
also my long standing constipation has resolve by this Treatment.

Thank you Dr Abhijeet Lendwe for helping me to come out of this painful life.

Salim KorbuJaysingpur

I am suffering from IBS pain in tummy, loose motions, and lot of anxieties, worries in mind, Mind is just like full of thoughts since 20yrs but since i started taking Homeopathic medicine here i feel much relax, i can do my work very well, work energy incresed, sleep has imporved and most important my colitis has completely reduced.
Thanks to Homoeopathy esp Dr Abhijeet Lendwe the way he treat and understand patient is exceptionally best.

Shakila JelourMIraj

my son had mums and he was unable to swallow water also as it was very painful to swallow it, but after he took Dr. Abhijeet Lendwes medicine, within two days his mums pain had disappeared/ evaporated and then he could take solid food easily
thanks Dr. Abhijeet

chintan shahmumbai

I had a multiple boils which is appearing one after another tried many antibiotics even homoeopathic medicine but when i took Dr. abhijeet Lendwes homoeopathic treatment my boils reduced in just 8days
Thanks to Dr. Abhijeet and Homoeopathy


Good morning,
I had Irritable bowel syndrome, my appetite was less even i pass stools after eating so most of the time i avoid eating. frequently going to pass stools since last 6yrs its very painful, and awkward situation for me. i felt nervous and very anxious,
But since i am taking Dr. Lendwes Homoeopathic medicine, frequent stools reduced in 1st month only, apart from it my confidence level incresed which was almost zero before. i could not able to speak in group discussions but now i can give speech in hundreds of students. my appetite is incresed, Now i can digest the food well, my wt is incresed as i desired, and i can sleep well without any anxiety
Thanx for Homoeopathy to heal all my sufferings and offcourse Dr. Abhijeet lendwe who help me to conquer the disease during the proces of healing.


Wow! … I have truly been blessed by you and your homeopathic knowledge.

Dr. Ashok Lendwe healed my … chronic allergy attacks of the sinus, bronchitis and asthma, and reoccurring hives. He also healed my paralyzing depression and suppressed resentment.

I have learned to be assertive in a positive and healthy manor, which stabilized by marriage. On top of all that he treated me for grief of two tragic deaths within 10 months. I have recommended family and friends to this wonderful doctor of homeopathy medicine.

Sanjay PatilMumbai

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