The word ‘Homoeopathy’ has its Greek origin ‘homois’ means ’similar’ and ‘pathos’ means ‘suffering or disease’ Homoeopathy is a scientific mode of therapeutics founded by Dr Samuel Hahnemann from Germany more than two hundred years ago.

Homoeopathy is based on Nature’s Law of Cure ‘ Let likes be treated by Likes’ or ‘ Similia Similibus currentur ’. It was Dr Samuel Hahnemann who brought this principle from the obscure text books and enshrined it through a series of ‘drug trials on healthy human beings. Due to this drug proving Homoeopathy has highest records of psycho neuro endocrinal as well as body ailments records of every Homoeopathic medicine, there by Homoeopathy supercides Allopathy in this regard to cure psycho neuro endocrinal ailments in a bodily ailments in a diseased individual who is seeking a Homoeopathic advice.

Drug provings are trials of the medicinal substance in normal healthy persons meticulously noting down the symptoms produced. This is compiled in a standard format called the ‘ Materia Medica’ ( The pharmacodynamics of Homoeopathy ) The therapeutic act comprises of the matching of symptoms of the disease in a patient to those of a known medicinal substance. When the matching has been complete, the first step in the homoeopathic treatment of the disease has been done.

In Homoeopathy, the raw drug substances, mostly plant based but also from animal or other sources, are processed through a series of dilutions and vigorous shaking where in it is believed that the inherent dynamic properties are enhanced, whilst the toxicity of the of the original substance is reduced. This is termed as’ potentization’. Experience has shown that, in spite of the very high dilution of the active ingradient, the therapeutic effect remains.Although progress is made every day, the current state of science can not account for the mode of action of infinitesimal dilutions. Many hypotheses have been put forward, however, the ultra high dilutions and theory of ‘potentization’ remain a scientific challenge. Homoeopathic medicines are always administered in a single and unadultered form. The remedy selected for a sick person is prescribed in a minimum dose, so that it does not produce any toxic effects in the body. It just acts as a triggering and catalytic agent to stimulate and strengthen the existing defence mechanism of the body.

Interrogation of the patient comprises of detail case taking –present complaints, past history, family history, ( clinical history) & individual details pertaining to his generals, his sensitivity to environmental changes, to his surroundings, domestic, familial, occupational disorders, then taking a note of causative factors related to fright, grief, bad or pleasant emotional variations, sudden realization of financial loss or near & dear ones which affect an individual.

Then thorough examination of the patient, findings & interpretations, investigations etc similar to Allopathy are well appreciated in Homoeopathy as well. The approach to therapy, however, is distinctly different. It goes beyond clinical symptomatology in to the study of the constitution of the suffering individual. Hence Homoeopathy is branch of medicine which is based on ‘constitutional therapeutics’ specific to the suffering individual