About Omkar Homeopathy

To try for the educational and social development of the people in large. To try for Education & Awareness of homeopathy in rural areas. To undertake and execute various Government Programmes like Aids & Polio preventions. Drug addictions and de-movement of Superstitious activities. To celebrate different Social and National festivals. To make efforts for the welfare of the humanity. To give help to poor and needy peoples at the time of National Calamities.


Dr. Ashok Lendwe, Omkar Homeo, understood the needs and the developments in homeopathic health care, treatment in homeopathic clinic, offering quality and standard treatment to its patients, made them capable to improve and maintain their health, with due regard to post-treatment concerns.

The clinic differentiates itself through good relationships, responsiveness, technology, connectivity, immediacy, service environment and infrastructure. It will attempt to reach out to the people and provide the benefits of positive health through homeopathy.

Quality policy

In support of our mission, it is the policy of this Omkar Homeo to provide prompt and effective healthcare systems and homeopathic treatment services, which meet the stated needs of the patient, using competent staff members and excellent infrastructure. We strive to be the unique in our field by setting high goals for others to follow.