Biodata of Dr. Ashok Lendwe

GCEH, Homeopathy Consultant

Completed Homoeopathic graduation at Dr A M Shaikh Homoeopathic medical college Belgaum in 1978. Completed internship at Thane Nityanand Nursing Home & Intensive Coronary Cardiac Unit Kalyan west & Laxmi surgical Hospital Dombivali East for 1 yr. Started allopathic practice since Sept 1979 on Dasera festival. I had a very good allopathy practise for few years but I noticed one thing, as far as chronic diseases are considered allopathy – Modern Medicine has very little scope for chronic sufferings. I found that frequent recurrence of episodes of same illness continues though patient receiving proper allopathic modern medicines. Allopathy medicine has very good scope for controlling emergencies and acute episodes of infection but any auto immune diseases makes it difficult for Allopathy modern medicine to complete cure. In fact it is no way possible by means of modern medicine. to cure any chronic disease. Sickness due to hygiene is very well corrected by proper guidance for hygienic life style which I insist to every patient for proper correction in hygiene & proper life style, proper diet for the purpose of fast control over disease. When I saw recurrence of episodes in allergic & auto immune diseases by Allopathy treatment when patients coming to me after visiting to super specialists of that concerned branch then I decided to start Homoeopathy treatment for such patients and to be very frank I started getting positive results with Homoeopathy, particularly in

1 ) Respiratory system = Allergic rhinitis, allergic bronchitis, sore throat, tonsillitis, Child asthma, adult asthma, Pleural effusion, Asthma alternating with eczema, cancer of lung.

2 ) Digestive system = chronic non specific colitis, Irritable bowel syndrome, fissures in ano, haemorrhoids, Gastrooesophagial reflux disorder ( GERD ) Gastric ulcer, deodonal ulcer, chronic pancreatitis, pancreatic cysts, infective hepatitis, Liver disorders, Hepatitis due to alcoholism. Jaundice due to metabolic disorder. Cancers from oesophagus, stomach, colon cancer, rectal cancer and palliative in liver cancers where metastatic spread of cancer is advanced.

3 ) Musculosketal system = Myalgia, Cervical muscle spasm, torticolis, cervical spondylitis, Lumbar spondylitis, Anchilosing spondylosis, Plantar bursitis, Exostosis, calcalial spur, Synovial effusion, traumatic accidental injuries improves very fast with Homoeopathy which is personal experience.Rheumatoid arthritis, Chronic Rheumatism. bad effects of injury, nerve trauma, coccyx injury, head injury unconsciousness due to head injury ( in hospitalized patients only )

4 ) Cardiovascular system = Renaud’s disease, deep vein thrombosis ( DVT ), varicose veins, varicose ulcers, Cerebral artery ischaemia, unstable angina, Atrial septal defects Ventricular septal defects of minor origin. Cerebro vascular accidents ( in hospitalized patients only )

5) Anemia due to disorders of haemopiotic system, production of red blood cells or irregularities in production of white blood cells including chronic Myloid leukaemia, Chronic lymphoid leukaemia comely called as blood cancer.

6 ) Female genital system = disorders at puberty and at menopause, menopausal syndrome, metrorrhagia, menorrhagia, irregular menses, Anovulatory menses Leucorrhoea, Sterility, The most safe treatment during pregnancy is Homoeopathy only, ovarian cysts, cervical and uterine cancers when 1st stage is crossed and surgery can not be performed, Radiation gives intolerance to suffering patients then here role of Homoeopathy starts.

7 ) Male genital system = infertility due to oligospermia is a major threat in male infertility where allopathy has no proper answer, Here Homoeopathy plays a great role in making a married man to a perfect Father by raising sperm count which sub optimal and happiness in life of entire family where female is blamed unnecessarily as cause of sterility. Benign prostate enlargement, many times even after prostate operations (TURP)

8) Psychiatry disorders = mild to moderate depressions, obcessive compulsive disorder adjustment disorder after marriage, adjustment disorder of difficult situations such as change of place, Menarchi,Menopause, old age, Poor learners, Dyslexia – as shown in Tare Jamin Par movie of Amir Khan, stammering speech, Nervous trembling, Early parkinson’s disease, early Alzimar’s disease

9) Homoeopathy has been found very useful to the extent of 100 % cure in many patients suffering from cancer of various types. Again cancer is a matter of psychosomatic disturbance related to auto immune response of an individual where Homoeopathy has played a very good role in controlling as well as showing total 100 % success rate.

We have found good success in treating blood cancers e.g. chronic myloid leukaemia, chronic lymphoid leukaemia, carcinoma of cervix up to second B grade carcinomas have been treated very successfully. Cancer of oesophagus, stomach, rectum, pancreas, Brain cancer.

Acute conditions like fevers e.g. viral fevers, influenza, early dengue, chikangunea, Success rate of Homoeopathy is considerable.

Thus I crossed the boundaries of allopathic medical practise & showed the patients the best way of alternative medicine = A HOMOEOPATHY.

When to turn to HOMOEOPATHY

It is my mission to create awareness among people about how Homoeopathy is beneficial for chronic as well as in acute conditions like, viral fevers, influenza, rhinitis, Asthmatic bronchitis, Diarrhoea due to indigestion & infective origin, amoebic dysentery, Epilepsy, sunstroke, acute renal colic, depression, Loss of confidence due to fear of examination, sudden shock, Fright, sudden prostration out of proportion to illness due to mental strain, stress, fright, anger mortification, molestation, sexual abuse, Homoeopathy has shown wonderful results which patients in general have never expected. Since then Journey to HARMONY BETWEEN MIND AND BODY only by means of proper Homoeopathy started. And thus it has become our logo – our mission – to cure by means of creating a balance, a harmony between mind and body – then and then only cure is achieved. This is a struggle of 30 yrs Homoeopathy practise untired practise against unmanageable chronic diseases not managed by allopathy but made possible by means of Homoeopathy only during these 30 yrs.

People of Sangli and around area, then near by districts then near by state and at present patients from abroad have been made quite aware about what Homoeopathy can do and when to turn to Homoeopathy in search of relief, a cure.

Out going students of Homoeopathy colleges have made their mind to “ now we too can start Homoeopathy practise, and in fact many have started their own practise. History of last 30 yrs of my practise shown about 40 antrapraunar BHMS students gained lot of confidence about practise of Homoeopathy. They have been taught in colleges about what Homoeopathy is, but here they learn what Homoeopathy cures, from the bottom of their heart.

As I found Homoeopathy is very useful to patients at large, I started sharing my experience with my junior collegues practising in Sangli thus I was a pioneer in bringing all Homoeopaths under one banner as Sangli district Homoeopathic Association in 1982. we conducted many monthly meetings in Sangli, Miraj. We were about 15 Homoeopaths meeting regularly. A day came we all Homoeopaths attended Zonal congress of Indian Institue of Homoeopathic Physicians in 1986 at Gulbarga. It was really a new Dawn for our Sangli district Homoeopathic association, for a better tomorrow. IIHP National leaders invited us to get merged in IIHP. We were guided by Dr S A Katekari, principal of Lokmanya Homoeopathic medical college Chinchwad. Pune.

During National IIHP meeting Maharashtra state branch of IIHP was formed and founder president of IIHP state branch was Dr S A Katekari and Founder state secretary Dr Ashok Lendwe were honoured. Then total body was formed.

Immediately after 3 months of the constitutuin of state branch of IIHP, a responsibility of organising and conducting 13th all india conference of IIHP came on our shoulders. We took this challange and organised national conference of 13th all india conference of IIHP in pimpari chinchwad –pune area in 1987.

Dr S A Katekari being chairman of organising committee instrumental in all the work to handle. I remain organising secretary along with Dr Rajani Indulkar from Pune. Dr G P Titer being treasurer, Dr Ajit Kulkarni being chairman of scientific committee.

Here I presented first National scientific case presentation on “ Role of Homoeopathy in Tuberculosis”. Then second presentation in hydrabad (AP ) I presented a paper on “ Renaud’s disease and its Homoeopathic management” in National IIHP conference of 1990.

Then 3ed cases presentation at ficci Auditorium at New Delhi, IIHP national conference New Delhi 1995 I presented cases of HIV + Tuberculosis and role of Homoeopathy with success stories of HIV + Tuberculosis where allopathy modern medicine has repeatedly failed in controlling fever cough of Tuberculosis in HIV individuals which have successfully been treated by me. An audio visual presentation of patients ( before and after treatment) which was the first National case presentation on Role of Homoeopathy in HIV + Tuberculosis and was very well appreciated by audience participants at New Delhi.

In 1996 I have been invited to international congress at New Delhi as Panel Member in a scientific session at Vidnyan Bhavan during March 3-7, 1995. This is my first international participation as panel member.

During my tenure of founder secretary years I introduced IIHP in Mumbai Pune Sangli Satara Amravati Parabhani Kolhapur Satara – National leaders of IIHP invited me as a state president. I conducted a regional state conference at Sangli in 2001 at Bhave Natya Mandir.

One day seminar has a over whelming response from students of Sangli, Kolhapur, Jaysingpur, Solapur, Subjects were AIDS and Asthma.

Dr Praful Barwalia impressed students regarding AIDS, Hypothyroidism treated by Homoeopathy. State branch fellicited Senior Homoeopaths who kept Homoeopathy in bright light were Dr Mestry from solapur being MS turned to Homoeoopathy & practised Homoeopathy whole of his later life. Another Dr Bapusaheb Chougule from Hasur – even in a remote village he practised Homoeopathy with good results for about 40 yrs. He could not attend this function of felicitation due to his old age ill health, his Son Dr Ravi Chougule received the honour. Dr GLS Sastry IIHP National president Dr Shriniwas Rao national treasurer from Hydrabad attended the seminar. Conducted a national meeting at the same place after seminar.

State leaders participated this national meeting Dr Shyamsundar Soni from Latur, Dr Katekari from Chinchwad, pune. Dr Mahajan from pune, Dr Kelkar, Dr Vilas joshi, Dr Shrikant kulkarni, Dr Satish kulkarni from Sangli.

Free Homoeopathic camp was organised in association with Rotary club of Sangli on AIDS, Asthma, Cancer, Vitiligo, 300 patients benifited in this camp in 1998 under the leadership of Dr Prakash Vakil my Homoeopathic Teacher who brought his international students from London for this camp and seminar

Next day one day Homoeopathic seminar of AIDS, Asthma Cancer Vitiligo was inaugurated at the hands of Dr S V Sortur –an eminent Cardiologist of western Maharashtra Miraj. Chairman of this function of Rotary club of Sangli was Shri Sanatkumar Arwade. Rotary club president Shri Suresh Patil proposed vote of thanks. 80 delegates participated. Dr Mahindra Kabra exhibited his work of Vitiligo cases treated by Homoeopathy.

I decided to form a trust for Homoeopathic services for poor patients on charitable bases. hence “ Shri Jyotirling Education Trust” was formed during 2006 and registered under charitee commissioner of Sangli

Under the banner of trust I conducted a Cancer seminar in 2006 and presented my live case of 100% cured case of carcinoma of cervix a lady from Hasur, She openly invited participant doctors to call me on stage anywhere to aware people at large to know Homoeopathy works on Cancer patients where allopathy line of treatment is unbearable to patient. She delivered a very inspiring speech for the audience. Dr Hiralal Agarwal from solapur presented a classical Homoeopathic approach of Dr George Vithoulkas of Grece. Dr Bhise of Solapur presented a case of tumour treated by Homoeopathy. It was a wonderful event when Shri Saikaka inaugurated first website of western Maharashtra “” Presiding chairman was His Highness Raja Vijaysinh Patwardhan of Sangli.

Under the banner of this trust a free Homoeopathic camp was conducted on 257th birth amiversary of Dr Samuel Hahnemann on 10th April 2010. This camp was related to Asthma cases. Free Homoeopathic treatment & consultation given in this camp at Bisur village of Sangli. More than 100 patients benifited.

Thus the service of varities of patients through Homoeopathy is going on.
Jai Hahnemann
Jai Homoeopathy.