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Prestigious baby of a ovarion failure motherPosted on date: 05.09.2012

Prestigious Baby of any Ovarion failure Mother : Having many doctors at home does not mean family will remain away from diseases. In a family of multiple doctors, physicians, surgeons one daughter in law suffered from sterility for 5 years. all top known gyenecologists from Pune, Mumbai tried to relieve from sterility but since she had ovarion failure then how will her ovarion function normally. Reports were sent to london to seek help from Europe but advise came only ovarion transplant can be done but no assurance about getting a child. at last let us try for homeopathy basis patient approached here at Omkar Clinic. She took one year to regularise mensus. Then Still further one year for fertility then 3rd year she conceived during whole pregnancy. She was kept on Homeopathy, then she had normal delivery. you can see a baby of 1 and 1/2 year sitting smiling sweet baby.

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