Biodata of Dr. Abhijeet Lendwe

Dr. Abhijeet Ashok Lendwe
BHMS, M.D. (Homeo), Homeopathy Consultant

Completed his Homoeopathic education from J J Magdum Homoeopathic Medical College and hospital and done extensive training in Lokmanya hospital, Dinanath Mangeshkar hospital and Rao nursing home, Pune. Completed 400 hrs Intensive homoeopathic learning in International Academy of classical homoeopathy Greece of Gorge Vithoulkas, under the guidance of Dr. H. H. Agarwal. Here he learnt a detail case taking of physically and psychologically most complicated cases, and how to find cure. Here he understands true healing art in most scientific method - Homoeopathy. He has done MD (Hom) in Materia Medica from Bhartesh Homoeopathic Medical college and Research centre Belgaum and pass with distinction in final year MD here he completed research work on the subject of Homoeopathic Management of allergic conjunctivitis – Spring catarrh and find cure in almost 50-60 patients in different age group, and socio economic conditions. Along with this he worked deeply in subject- State of mind that influencing foetal growth that is any kind of mental condition during pregnancy affecting foetal mind, emotions, body and manage successfully such cases.

Recently he is working with his Father, Guru, Friend and Philosopher Dr Ashok Lendwe sir who is pioneer practitioner of Classical Homoeopathy since last 35 years who treat 20,0000 + cases and cured most difficult and unmanagable cases which was rejected by best physicians as well as Homoeopaths in world. Working with Dr Ashok Lendwe sir since last 7 yrs Dr.Abhijeet learn true way of healing art and achieve success in most complicated case such as Psoriasis, Diabetes, Cancer, ADHD, Autism, and Psychosomatic conditions and many more... His recent work in psychosomatic illnessness involving physical derrangement providing new hope for most of the patients coming from all over the world. And provide Ideal Holistic Healing for suffering humanity. Hail Homoeopathy Hail Hahnemann