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To try for the educational and social development of the people in large. To try for Education & Awareness of homeopathy in rural areas. To undertake and execute various Government Programmes like Aids & Polio preventions. Drug addictions and de-movement of Superstitious activities. To celebrate different Social and National festivals. To make efforts for the welfare of the humanity. To give help to poor and needy peoples at the time of National Calamities.

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I had Cancer of tongue after received 40 radiation my tongue was just like burnt out, Full yellow dirty- no taste in mouth, i unable to eat anything, infact lost my hunger, no salivation in mouth. Life was more hell for me- i feel i would die because of cancer but can not tolerate this suffering. my

Salim KorbuJaysingpur

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Germany LIGA ConferenePosted by Admin | Date:08 Aug 2017

Some glimpses of LIGA Germany conference. Most auspicious and motivating moment in my life to visit birth place of homoeopathy- Koaethen in Germany. Where homoeopathy emerge. Where Dr hahnemann lived, still felt aura of our beloved Dr Hahnemann in this place. On the occasion of attending world

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Omkar Speech Therapy And Rehabilitation

Dr. Lendwe's Speech Therapy and Rehabilitation Center, Sangli

We have started a Speech Therapy and Rehabilitation unit for kids of any age group in Vishrambag, Sangli.